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Store Report ~ Calm and Cozy Sweater, Run: Record Breaker Jacket and Special Edition Cool Racerback Tank

February 22, 2011

I just got back from Coquitlam Lulu and I brought home the Calm and Cozy Sweater for a visit in both Heathered Sand Dune and Heathered Concord Grape. I’ve gotten a few product notifications for the Calm and Cozy but when you click on the links the picture is not available so we only have this Concord Grape version to go on. The knit is the exact same weight as the Express Yourself/Live Healthy Wraps and not like the Chai Time Pullover that was slightly thinner and sheer. I find I always wear my Chai Time pullover with a tank underneath it where as this one wouldn’t want to. The fabric composition is 40% Rayon from Bamboo, 30% Tencel Lyocell, 15% Acrylic, 10% Nylon and 5% Cashmere. I purchased size 8 which is TTS but I had considered the 6 since the 8 looked so big on the hanger. When I went to try it on the 8 looked best and like the picture shown below where it’s a bit slouchy and drapey and longish. The size 6 fit well too but just didn’t have this look and the neck opening was a bit higher. The one thing I notice is the Chai Time Pullover is a bit more muffin top friendly then this sweater is just because of how the cuffed hem is on the Chai Time. Not a huge deal, just not something I want to wear on pms bloaty days with my jeans and a belt. Also, the sleeves are less snug in the lower arm then the Chai Time is so if you disliked the sleeves on the Chai Time then you will like this one much better. The price on this sweater is $88.

Calm and Cozy Sweater

I tried on the Run Record Breaker Jacket in a size 8 and decided that if I were getting it I would have gone with the size 10. The 8 felt perfectly fine over top of my Chai Pullover that I was wearing today and I could move my arms around but it looked more fitted then it does in these pictures and I didn’t like the way that looked on me. You would especially want to size up if you have a larger bust. The price is $168.

Run Record Breaker Jacket

RUN: Record Breaker Jacket

I quickly glanced at this special edition Cool Racerback Tank and I didn’t care for it despite my love of Sheer Luon. The entire front of the tank is a normal Cool Racerback made of luon light, the back is sheer luon at the bottom where you see the pleating detail and at the racerback portion is all luon light. No circle mesh on this tank as was mistakenly indicated in a facebook album. I wish either the entire tank was made of Sheer Luon or the bottom all the way around to the front was Sheer Luon. It was a little too hodge podge for me. I saw it in all black or all flush like the one below but I forgot to check the price on it. I imagine it would be around $42 since it’s a special edition.

Cool Racerback Tank Special Edition “scrunch”

Cool Racerback *Special Edition*Cool Racerback *Special Edition*Alternate View

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