A Note On Leaving Negative Comments

I’m finding quite a lot of negative comments being left in regards to images posted to this blog. Sometimes these comments are aimed at me in my personal fit reviews and sometimes it’s towards website models or the educators posing in Lululemon facebook albums. I feel the need to post this reminder of how to leave negative comments because the etiquette and respect seems to have been forgotten by a few, and sometimes one tenacious anonymous poster. Because of this I’m considering wether or not I want to continue to post my personal images with  my fit reviews from now on. My reason for posting them in the first place is to help inform readers that order off the website and are not able to try things on themselves of how items fit on a real person that is not a model. Also, some of you may have a similar figure to mine or are also between sizes and would like to see which fit you would prefer on yourself. I’ve really grown tired of comments left by trollers, or by people who are lacking in tact. I am still undecided whether I’m going to continue to put myself out there anymore and it’s really a shame to the majority who appreciates the efforts because I know most do. Unfortunately, as usual, it’s one person or a few that ruin it for the majority.

Negative comments. I usually go by this rule: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. No one expects you to agree with what you see or read. We all have different tastes and styles. Constructive criticism and differing opinions are welcome, but there is a nice way to say something and a rude way to say something. If you can’t figure out how to say it nicely, don’t say anything at all. For example: You see someone wearing an outfit you don’t like because you think it’s too revealing. Here are some polite ways to deal with this:

  • Don’t leave a comment at all.
  • Is there anything you like about the outfit? Focus on that. You could say, “Nice color!” for example.
  • Do you simply have to mention the short hemline? Try this: “Wow, you are so bold for being able to wear something so short in public! I could never pull that off myself, but it’s great to see people taking risks like that.”
  • You may be tempted to say, “Ugh, how trashy. How can you leave the house wearing that sort of thing?” Please don’t say this or anything similar. It’s just not nice. You wouldn’t walk into someone’s house and criticise their belongings, so don’t visit their blog and leave rude comments about their attire or opinions.
  • Don’t leave negative, Anonymous comments. If you are going to say something, own up to it. If you are too afraid of saying something that can be traced back to you, don’t say it.

*These suggestions are courtesy of the Independent Fashion Bloggers website. 

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