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It’s a sad day for those of you that have relied on phone orders when the online store runs out of inventory. Phone sales are no longer being offered. I suspect this will be a good thing though as that inventory will now be more streamlined into internet orders and the GEC resources will now be freed up for other phone calls. You can still place orders from the online store by phoning in, but the inventory is pulled from the online store and not a separate facility. I think most people that have used the phone order system have also used the online store so I don’t think anyone will miss out on being able to order. Perhaps this means the online inventory system will also have an update soon? Also, those of us that have enjoyed hearing Graeme’s voice will be out of luck unless we can cook up an excuse to call. Please feel free to suggest excuses to call in the comments section ;p

lululemon athletica 

Hey everyone,

It is true, lululemon athletica has made the decision to end the phone sale program. Our focus will now be on enhancing our inventory levels in stores and on our website so both in-store and online guests have plenty of products to choose from. Please feel free to still call the GEC if you have any product questions, or if you want to check out store inventory prior to heading into a location. At our Guest Education Centre, we are still happy to assist you in placing an online order. If you aren’t close to one of our stores you may actually be near one of our strategic sales partners, which are yoga, pilates, and fitness studios that carry some of our core products for the season. You can also check out our website to see if you have a strategic sales partner nearby at Thanks,


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  1. There would be no problem whatsoever if Lulu would make enough quantity to at least satisfy most of their demand. I wouldn't have a problem if I thought it was an issue of them not physically being able to meet demand, but I truly believe inventory is kept artificially low to manipulate the demand. It's a cynical, unthoughtful, strategy that doesn't place much care on their customers, IMO.

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