New Colors! Hot Class Tank, Push Ur Limits, Scuba Hoodie

Hot Class Tank Ikat Print/Black

 And as mentioned in this post it will also be coming in Sprinkler and Flush

Hot Class Tank Hot Class Tank Alternate View


Push Ur Limits Tank *Spotted at Strategic Partner location

 A Sprinkler Blue Body with a New Ikat Print on the straps (black print with blue shadows instead of Concord)

Push Ur Limits Tank Push Ur Limits Tank Alternate View

Scuba Hoodie 

Image shown is Aruba, also coming in Rubber Ducky. Hooooray!!! I’m so excited to see it coming in Rubber Ducky. I’m lusting over a Rubber Ducky Scuba.

Scuba HoodieScuba HoodieAlternate View

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