Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Confessions: Your Lulu Closets Part II

by Cristina

Opponents of consumerism please avert your eyes, we are simply doing our part for the world economy, rescued one lulu purchase at a time. This is the start of a new series of posts showcasing the closets of readers. I’ll be keeping these images anonymous to protect those that sent images from closet looting. I can already see items in there that are making me want to raid your closets. If you would like to participate, I would love to collect your images for future posts. Email me at [email protected].I think we all enjoy the lulu eye candy. Somehow it’s funner seeing generations of loved Lululemon items all in situ as apposed to seasonal items in the stores.

What items do you see in these collections that you wish had been yours?

*These are closets from several different readers.

I love that I got an image from a male reader. His hoodie collection is just as drool worthy and beautifully organized. He mentioned that he forgot to add 2 hoodies in there, his Canada and US ones, so I’ll be reposting his next image on another post. 
Love the Live Simply Jacket peaking out in the middle. 
The Plum Scuba. I really regret not getting that one. There were so few items out in solid plum and it’s such an amazing color on brunettes.
This closet reminds me of the pants wall at Lululemon. I wish I had this kind of storage. I spy 4 2010 Cuddle Ups!
Lots of shorts on the left.
I love this storage idea. So beautiful and the kind of storage you would use for something really special.
The secret shoe box of hang tags. I know a lot of people keep these for reselling purposes but I’m honestly not sure why I keep mine. There like little trophies I guess.

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