Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Dear Lululemon..(please excuse this small tangent)

by Cristina

I brought home the In Stride in Light Grey Pique today but sadly it’s just not me despite how soft it is. Also, I checked out your new Special Edition Scuba Hoodie and there are elements I like about it but it’s just too out there and all those gathers are not flattering to my figure so it was a pass.

I’m sad because I just sold a lot of my lulu items and I feel a bit lost in the store these days. Rubber Ducky Cool Racerback was a big winner for me but now I’m needing something really special and not a basic. Something like a print. I feel like colors have been repeated too often and now I’m feeling bored. Purple Crush is too similar to Very Violet, Concord Grape to Lolo and Aruba to Cool Blue, Angel Blue and River Rock. Rubber Ducky and Beachy Green are really the only new colors out now but there are very few items in these colors right now and they seem to take back seat to Concord Grape and Aruba. Pique is the most exciting thing going on. Or, Lulu, I really think it’s time for the Gratitude Wrap to make a comeback. I really think it’s time for some amazing items to show up and not just some small basics here and there. I think it’s time you pull out your magic Gratitude Wrap card and wow us all. It would be epic!

This is a list of things I’m hoping we will see (besides the Gratitude Wrap):
-Scuba Hoodie in Rubber Ducky or Heathered Rubber Ducky. I would jump on it.
-A Cardigan that is not the Express Yourself/Zen Wrap/Live Healthy Reincarnation. Something more like the Sport Cardi from a few years ago. I like the knits but the styles have all been pretty much the same.  Charcoal, Beachy Green and Rubber Ducky would make nice  cardigan colors for Spring.
-A super high support tank for running that does not require doubling up of bras for the bigger busted ladies.
-More colors of in the Studio Pants such as a kaki or Ivy Green. Black and Grey are too harsh for Spring and Summer. I love the Raw Blue but I think I want a light neutral as well.
-A longer short similar to the Groovy Run Shorts but made for pillow thighs like mine. Just a few inches longer with a slightly higher rise so that I don’t have to use Body Glyde.
-A print in the Swiftly Tech material? that would be divine. A Swiftly Tech LS or Short Sleeve.

What are you guys wishing Lulu would make for us? 

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