Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Confessions: Am I A Lulu Hoarder?

by Cristina

A reader posed this question on Lululemon Facebook Page and it’s such an interesting question. How much is too much Lululemon in your closet?  How do you know when your collecting is going overboard?

It’s so funny that as I’m feeling inspired by this topic and writing it out Lulu Addict has just posted about the same topic 😉

1. You keep gallery pieces that your afraid to use. Everything I have I try to wear. If something feels too special to wear and wash or get dirty then I don’t want to keep it anymore. Too much attachment to ‘things’ makes me feel nervous and I like to break free.

2. I try to have purchases fill gaps in my closet. Granted, I have Lululemon running gear for every gradiation in temperature and most runners don’t need that much to be comfortable. I’ve recently decided to stop, STOP buying running pullovers as I don’t actually need anymore. If I’m too attached to what I have to sell in order to make room then I don’t buy it. I currently have 3 pullovers and I think that’s a good number. Especially since I run 3-4 days a week. Sometimes I fail and go overboard and then I feel guilt so I sell on the exchange and clear my conscious.

3.You feel yourself getting a bit greedy when something like a Gratitude Wrap, No Limit Tank or Spirit Pullover comes up. My friend and I are both coveting a Stitch Blue Gratitude Wrap. We’ve made a pact that if it comes available we will fight to the death if need be and winner takes all even though normally we are very careful not to step on each others toes. Deep down I know the Stitch blue will look far better on her but reason and logic go out the window if that Stitch Blue Gratitude wrap ever shows up.

4. I keep all of my ‘Why We Made This’ tags. I make sure my husband doesn’t ever find them. They look a little scary when there all together.

And in full disclosure I give you my top two OCD moments. I purchased the No Limit Tank last week because of the No Limit Hysteria even though I don’t particularly like the tank and it looked awful on me + it’s $70 and I wouldn’t be wearing it for another 5 months.  I ended up returning it. Wait! that’s not all. I went to the mall yesterday and repurchased the very same tank on impulse to give it another shot, walked around the mall for 40 minutes and decided to return it again. WTF? What got into me?

And number two which I’m actually not all that ashamed about but it still counts as mildly OCD. The Plum Shale Hustle Jacket I was coveting after it sold out in stores and on line. A lovely reader offered to purchase me one from the US side and ship it to me which I gratefully accepted. I was getting so antsy to have a Hustle Jacket that when I tried on a Power Purple hustle in store to see if I would like the size 8 fit on me I had to bring home, just to see what I could layer underneath. Yah right. I ended up tearing the tags off of it a day later and taking it out for a run. I’m really not ashamed though because I although I love the Power Purple second best, It’s a great color for running as it’s pretty visible. My Plum Shale one is reserved for my everyday jacket.

Tell me, what are your Lulu hoarding confessions? 

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