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A Year In Review Series – Day 8: Wraps & Day 9: Tee’s

by Cristina

Yesterday we were busy with lots of pre Christmas activities such as Christmas Shopping and the Bright Nights Stanley Park Christmas train and so by the time I got home I was too tuckered out to do my Year in Review Post even though I had it half prepared for just that very reason. I fell asleep within the first 5 minutes of turning on the Griswolds Christmas Vacation movie.  So, to make up for it today you are getting two Year in Review Posts.

Day 8: Wraps None of the wraps this year really wowed me but I did break down and buy the Iconic wrap as I liked the versatility of a shorter thin cotton wrap that I can wear over top of Cool Racerbacks or other tanks throughout the year extending the life of my tank wardrobe. I loved the colors the Express Yourself Wrap came in but the shape of it didn’t work for me. I also shied away from it because I had heard rumours about massive pilling issues with it. In the end I broke down and got the Chai time pullover (same knit as the Express Yourself Wrap) despite my reservations and so far have noticed a bit of pilling in the underarm which I can pick off easily without a de piller, nothing major or troublesome. If this knit is used again in a new style of wrap and in a color I love I would probably go for it.

The Awareness wrap was much anticipated as we were all hoping for a reincarnation of the Gratitude Wrap which never ended up making an appearance. The Gratitude Wrap from 2009 sold on ebay and the exchange page for well over original retail price throughout the year with many people still lined up and waiting for one to pop up. I think Lululemon really missed out on the opportunity with this wrap and should have probably released fewer colors of the Awareness Wraps and had a few colors of the Gratitude Wrap released. Last year they had 10 Gratitude Wrap colors online as well as special store specific colors, that’s an insane # of colors to be released in a very short time frame for one item. The Awareness Wrap has not been as popular as the Gratitude Wrap or the Savasana Wrap.

Did you find your perfect wrap this year?


wraps by lulumum 

Awareness WrapExpress Yourself WrapLulu Zen WrapIconic WrapNamaste CoverupSavasana Wrap

Day 9: Tee’s:  I reserved this category to just the Pima tee’s. I’m a big tee shirt wearer so I think I have at least one of each category. I loved my Lululemon tee’s for pregnancy and that is really where my appreciation for the perfect tee started. I love a fitted tee that has a longer length and good stretch. My disappointment in this category has been the 5yr Pima in Angel Blue. I think there was something wrong with they dye process used because a few of my cotton angel blue items have had mysterious yellow marks appear randomly. I’ve heard a few others complain about the exact same thing and also spotted a lot of Angel Blue Pimas on markdown early on after it’s release. My Angel Blue 5yr Pima was relegated to pajama shirt early on as it seemed to stain with even water or baby drool so I’ve come to the conclusion that Angel Blue had a bad dye process (maybe it wasn’t fixed properly) that affected mainly the cotton items.

My top favourite cotton tee in this category is the Live Simply Black Roses Print. I really didn’t like it all that much in the pictures i’d seen online and when I tried it on in a size 8 but when I ordered it online I got it in a smaller size 6 and with a great layout of the print and I much prefer this tee as a fitted top instead of a looser fitting tee. It’s now my favourite tee to wear and I think it’s so pretty under my Gratitude Wrap or layered with my Pig Pink Cool Racerback underneath.

I really also liked the Cabin LS a lot. loved the design and color I got and really loved that it was a thicker reversible shirt. I didn’t like that the Heathered Haze side on mine got very pilly all over within it’s first few uses despite proper washing and hanging to dry. I’ve heard several complaints of the same issue on these shirts as well as some who have complained that there shirts have pilled between the two layers. I again feel this is an issue of the heathered fabrics and perhaps the ph level of the dye used. I do still wear my Cabin LS as I love it but I mostly wear it with the Coal side out.

What was your favourite Pima Tee this year and Which were you disappointed in?

Pima Tees

Pima Tees by lulumum 

Cabin Long Sleeve Tee5yr Pima TeeLive Simply Crewneck Tee, Modern V Neck Tee 

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