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A Year In Review Series – Day 7 : Run Pullovers

December 19, 2010

Looking back at all the pullovers this year my thoughts are, wow, there was a lot of static. Almost everything came out in many many static colors and solid colors where rare. My first run pullover ever was in early Spring when I got the Run Like The Wind Pullover in White with Wee Stripe. That one served me quite well in the chilly spring air as I was just starting out but the size 12 soon was too large for me and it got too warm out to wear. I prefer the cottony feel of luon to luxtreme for pullovers anyways so I was happy to upgrade.

In the summer we were given a sneak peek video that showed the Lolo Inspire Pullover and we all went mad with anticipation. I think something held those pullovers up in production because it took an entire 8 weeks of many of us stocking GEC after the sneak peek video for it to show up in the US – we haven’t had a sneak peek video since.  Later we saw the Dash Pullovers in solid luon and the Wish blue luon was sooo gorgeous. I passed on that pullover after having a visit with it as I didn’t love the fit of it on me and I couldn’t keep it simply for the love of the color. Next came the gorgeous Alpine Pullover. I bought one in Haze and held on to it for a few weeks and sadly parted ways with it when I decided I didn’t need it, although I loved it. I still feel bad that I passed on that one but I really didn’t need two tech fleece pullovers. My current run pullover count stands at 2 Run Inspire pullovers (Lilac and Teal Zeal) and one Spirit Pullover which I won on ebay. I’m considering the new brushed power luxtreme Run Ambition Pullover for early spring running, I love the design of the cuffed hem and neckline and I loved the feel of the brushed power luxtreme in the new Lift Your Spirits Jacket but I’m not sure that running luon wont be adequate and that I actually really need a 4th pullover.

How many run pullovers did you get this year and in previous years? 

Run Pullovers 2010

Run Pullovers 2010 by lulumum 

Run: Ambition PulloverRun: Like the Wind PulloverRun: Inspire PulloverRun: Balance PulloverRun: Dash PulloverRun: Cross Train PulloverRun: Alpine Pullover

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