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A Year In Review Series – Day 5 : Bags 2010

by Cristina

This years bags have been phenomenal. I love lululemon bags because they are  filled with tons of clever pockets and compartments and are made to be used not just as a gym bag but can also be used for travel or your everyday work bag. Mine gets used as a diaper bag currently and it’s been the best diaper bag so far. I don’t know of any other gym bag that comes complete with laptop compartment and a shoe bag (which I use to keep my diapers all in one place) and also looks as amazing as the Lululemon bags.  I started out with the On the Move Gym bag in the gorgeous Wish Blue Ombre Cool Blue but had to exchange that one so I ended up getting the Bon Voyage Duffel bag. I was so in love with all of the colorful satin bags with pretty ruching details that I would have taken them all home given the opportunity. I would have also taken home the Gym Essentials kit just for the Multi State of Mind Print that I love so much. I’m such a magpie when it comes to color and pattern ;p

The Hot Hottie Yoga bag is another one I love because it’s just so adorable as a mini version of the Everywear Gym Bag. I still look at it every time I’m in the store and pet it. It’s so soft it feels like buttery leather.  At one point I also kept thinking about getting the Travel Pooch V in Citron but decided against it as it didn’t have the versatility to be worn as a purse.

What Lululemon bag did you buy this year and which ones did you wish you could have also brought home? 


bags by lulumum featuring yoga bags

Travel Pooch VBon Voyage DuffelOn The Move Gym Bag,Everywear Gym BagHot Hottie Yoga BagGym Essentials KitFast in Flight BagJump Start Gym Bag

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