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A Year In Review Series – Day 12: Top 10 & Best Buys

by Cristina

For my final Year In Review post I decided to do an overall top 10 list for Lululemon and a picture of my favourite buys (ok, I haven’t purchased the Hustle but I’m dreaming that I did) I just couldn’t narrow my favourite items down to 10 so here is my very colorfull closet community, these members get priority hangers.
*Some of these items are no longer with me as I’ve sold on the Lululemon Exchange Group and some of these are not 2010 items but things I’ve purchased on the Exchange Group this year. 

Merry Christmas Lemons!!

My Favourite Items of 2010

My Favourite Items of 2010 by lulumum 

1. GEC Online and Phone Sales You guys are awesome and do such a terrific job of handling things professionally at all times. Even when you get 10 000 phone calls for those much anticipated products a day.

2. Website models. Without you there would be no online shopping. Or maybe there would be but it would be pretty boring and I probably wouldn’t feel half as enticed by certain items as I am when I see them on the models.

3. Prints. Finally!!! Black Roses/Multi State of Mind and Waterwall. I’m dying to know the creative process for these prints and who is behind them. I love them!

4. Free Shipping. A dangerous thing for a stay at home mom. I have a store 5 minutes away and 4 others also close by but 50% of my purchases have been online as I get to enjoy almost instant gratification for my purchases with next day delivery.

5. Australian Product Notices and readers from Australia sharing pictures. I love getting the sneak peek of whats coming. I wish Lulu would do another sneak peek video but in the meantime the Australian product notifications are letting us know of a few things here and there.

6. Educators photographed for Facebook. You guys are awesome. I hope you are appreciated in a meaningful way for what you contribute. Thank you for providing the content for my blog to exist.

7. Lulu lab designers. It’s so exciting to see your inspiration boards when I come in to the lab and the bolts of fabric being pulled out for new designs. Such a cool space!

8. Nancy, Your Personal Lulu Shopper. She has done many, many people a solid by buying and shipping products to all corners of the earth and all free of charge.

9. The Lululemon Exchange Group.  No item goes unloved here. when you decide to break up with an item there is always someone who will love it better then you did.

10. My local store. for dealing with my crazy wayward toddler, and at times shrieking baby coming in often and disturbing your peace.

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