Saturday, June 15, 2024

A Year In Review Series – Day 11: Colors

by Cristina

Oh my this was a hard post to do on Polyvore, more so then the hoodies and the prints & patterns. There were so many colors this year that polyvore didn’t like how big my set was and didn’t allow me to publish so I took a screen shot of my creation instead. I really like seeing the colors laid out like this as you can see the connection between pallets and really see the transitions. Colors like Faded Zap/Citron and Lime were used throughout.

There were quite a few colors I’ve liked a lot this year but my top favourite is Wish Blue. It’s such a vibrant true color that it pops out at you and feels energizing. I’m so glad it’s been brought back from early summer. I’ve also liked Pig Pink which looks so pretty paired with edgy black or coal, Haze which is such a chameleon color that photographs different with daylight or artificial light.  Very Violet which looks amazing on brunettes, Lilac was a hard to wear purple for many but so soft and luxurious. Plum is so beautiful, It also looks great on brunettes. I was sad not to have gotten any item in plum but it was really because it was mostly used in static version which I did not care for. I have my eye on the Hustle Jacket in Plum Shale though so it may still be in my future. Power Purple is pretty without being sweet and pastelly, another color I love but have purchased nothing in. Ivy was so gorgeous but very brief (maybe we will see it come back after the Snorkel/Passion/Faded Zap palette), as was Casis which was just used on the inside of a scuba and with the Sparkle Cuddle Up and Sparkle Scuba. I liked Casis from afar but when I tried it on it looked horrible on me so that was an easy pass.

My least favourite colors were Lagoon, Savage Green and Persimmon. I was equally repelled and attracted to Persimmon though and I may have splurged in a Dash LS in a solid Persimmon on markdown. The static was way too orange sherbert though and I would have never worn it so I’m glad those conditions for purchasing it were not met.

What were your favourite colors this year and what did you hate? 

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