Tuesday, April 23, 2024

New! A New Outward Bound Jacket & Static Passion Hustle Tank from Oz

by Cristina

I ran in to the mall tonight after my husband got home to relieve me of parenting duty and walked past the Lululemon and spotted a new Jacket.  It’s called the Run: Outward Bound Jacket. I believe the price was $188 although for some reason now I keep thinking it may have been $208 or $288. I hope I’m right with the first price. Anyways, it seemed like an insulated running jacket version with a bit of puff in it. I also saw it in Wish Blue which was gorgeous. The outside is made of Glyde and it has side ventilation zippers which is a feature I really like. My Running Room Jacket has these zippers which completely open up the sides once you get warmed up and despite my initial dislike of the zippers I find I use that feature a lot. I’m hoping to get some more info on this tomorrow for you, maybe even a quick fit review. I’d like to know the fill count, how it fits, the features included and the price.

sorry for the blurry picture

This product notification just came in with the newest Static Passion Hustle Tank from Australia. I like this tank and if it’s around in the Spring time I can see myself using this for running as an alternative to the Cool Racerback.
Hustle TankAlternate ViewHustle Tank

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