Monday, December 11, 2023

More Pictures from Down Unda

by Cristina

I like Faded Zap a lot as a contrast color. I have a Flow Y in it and find it contrasts very nicely with a lot of different colors and is also pretty flattering to most people. I was surprised to like the color because I don’t usually gravitate to yellows or very bright colors. I’m not sure I would be brave enough to invest in a Faded Zap (or Sunny Lime, It’s being called both colors in the product notifications) Stride Jacket, I think it will look gorgeous on with many tanks and tees underneath. Today I wore my Faded Zap Flow Y Bra under my Cool Racerback Tank in Power Purple, Heathered Power Purple Micro stripe and it looked really good as a combination.

Stride II Jacket in Sunny Lime or Faded Zap with Micro Stripe Logo. You can also see the Snorkel Blue and Passion Strides below

Run Revitalize Tech in Snorkel and Passion. I like that this is contrasted in something other then the grey we’ve seen before.

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