Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Fit Review: Outward Bound Jacket

by Cristina

I tried on the Run: Outward Bound Jacket this afternoon and I absolutely love it. I don’t think I love it more then the Hustle in Plum but this is definitely close for me. The thing that turns me a bit off on it is that for the price of $188 it should have reflectivity on it and I’m almost certain it doesn’t. If it does it’s not listed on the hang tag. Really I feel that all running jackets should have reflective detailing on it and it would have been easy to add it in on the front chevron stripes with piping and on the back. If I’m wrong about the reflectivity on this jacket please let me know so I can update this. The vertical zippers you see on the side open up to a lined ventilation pocket so your not completely exposed but you have soft circle mesh ventilation. There are also side pocket on this and cuffins but I couldn’t find a watch hole on it which I would have liked. I’m wearing my Candlelight tank in Waterwall underneath in case you were wondering. Isn’t it gorgeous?

As for sizing and fit, I found the size 8 a bit snug on me (not an awkward fit like the Inspire Jacket, just snug) so I preferred it in the size 10. If you like your jackets long this one was on the shorter side and not butt covering. It’s not a crop jacket, just slightly shorter then the Hustle. The Jacket itself was warm and soft but still quite light so I don’t think it’s down filled or anything, just lightly insulated. It comes in White, Black and Wish and goes up to size 12. I loved the Wish and the White ones on me. The Wish had that retro 70’s look and the Glyde material makes colors look really Lux. I left a little bit in love with the Wish blue but on further consideration, I have a lot of wish blue and for the price I prefer the Hustle jacket which has reflectivity. It may woo me yet though.

Wish, Size 8
Black Size 10

Why We Made This:

1. Lightweight insulated windbreaker allows you to warm up quickly and not overheat during cold winter runs. 

2. Water resistant Glyde with DWR finish to keep you dry.

3. Quick access zipper vents let you cool down in a flash.

4. Soft warm running luon cuffins with thumbholes for warm hands.

5. Drawcord at hem helps keep cold air out.

6. secured zipper pocket for card, keys or music

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