Friday, December 8, 2023

Fit Report – Lift Your Spirits Jacket

by Cristina

I went to Metrotown today in hopes of seeing the new SE Sparkle Scuba Hoodies, Cuddle Ups and Sailor Stripe Stride, Relaxed Fit Pants and Power Y but alas it was not meant to be. Instead I tried on the Lift Your Spirits Jacket in size 8 Wish Blue just for kicks. I really, really loved Brushed Power Luxtreme and hope they make a Stride in this material and running crops. It wasn’t as warm as brushed luon or as soft but it felt velvety, thin on the inside which I really liked and stretchy. Sadly the design of this jacket, although slimming just wasn’t cutting it for me. I just couldn’t get over the weird poof on the upper back. In the poof, there are also small pleats in the back that are designed to keep the poof constantly puffed out. As My Superficial Endeavors stated yesterday, the profile of this jacket is very slimming because of the chevron strips and the narrow waist.

The price on this jacket, $148,  is outrageous for what it is. It’s the same price as the Hustle Jacket which has many technical features and is outerwear.  So far we’ve seen price increases in the Stride Jacket and Define Jacket and a very big price tag on the new Challenge Jacket that just came out.  This is a very disappointing trend I’m seeing as a regular shopper considering the qualities issues most of us have seen this past year, particularly with the Strides. I understand that in light of the down economy most retailers are seeing the same reduced quality in fabrics and manufacturing and are increasing prices across the board. However, as a consumer this just reminds me to be a bit more frugal in my choices and really assess the value of a garment, price per use/closet versatility and quality of construction. This one was a pass for me.  How do you regular lulu shoppers feel about these higher priced items?

**Spotted on markdown: Run: Dash LS Lilac, Static Wish and Static Persimmon on for $69 – I passed on these as I’m hoping for somewhere in the $45 range. 

Live Simply Crewneck Tee

Coal and Black Roses Print Live Simply Crewneck Tee tried this on today as well and the print is very subtle on it. 

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