I went in to Lulu today to return some things I got and the store was more insane then it was on Boxing day. I waited about 15 minutes in a line to get in the store and another 10 minutes in a lineup at the register, but I was just happy that they were willing to process the returns for me so I was happy to wait. This means more Lulu bucks for me to spend later.  I was surprised that of all the new items that came in the only thing that I was dying to get was the ambition pullover in Snorkel. I’m finding I like the Snorkel in Luxtreme but not so much in any of the other fabrics and not the microstripe version either. Passion and Faded Zap are probably going to be a pass for me as well, I like them enough I just don’t love those colors or feel the need to have any of the new items. Nice to get to a palette that I feel I can sit out on.

Scuba Hoodie Faded Zap/Microstripe Faded Zap

Inner Awareness Tank  Faded Zap

SE Cool Racerback Tank I checked this Cool Racerback today in Snorkel Blue/Microstripe Snorkel Blue and the color was ok – I’m not really a fan of the microstripe in the passion/snorkel/faded zap pallet and much preferred it in the Power Purple or the Black Cool Racerbacks. I also really didn’t like the racerback part which is just mesh sewn over top of luon. 

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