Saturday, June 15, 2024

Concern Over Reusable Shoppers Containing lead.

by Cristina

Lululemon has posted this letter informing customers that they are conducting a review of lululemon reusable shoppers distributed this year for lead content . Preliminary results of testing shows there is no health or safety risk to the public but they are inviting customers to return bags to the store for proper disposal. To see a list of the affected shoppers from this past year make sure to read the letter posted

Shopper - Small - Front
Here is a related article from The Vancouver Sun.

To tell you the truth I’m not really concerned about this. I keep a few shoppers on hand but usually end up grabbing one to use as a diaper disposal bag or to keep in my car for collecting garbage. The levels of lead in the Lululemon shoppers do not pose a health or safety risk with intended use (ie. not consuming it, not wearing it), only an environmental risk with disposal. The bags referred to in the news articles fail to mention that bags from other retailers are the ones with the unsafe levels of lead and not specifically Lululemon shoppers. I plan on returning my unused bags to the store to be disposed of responsibly. I think Lululemon is handling this appropriately and it’s important to note they have not issued an official recall, only an invitation to return the bags for appropriate disposal. As far as children using these as lunch bags or as a toy I think the concerns are valid but not worth panicking over as the exposure is pretty minimal. I’m someone who is very careful about BPA in bottles and food storage, and toys made in China and purchased at Liquidation World or the Dollar Store that may contain lead or bits and pieces that are choking hazards (my mom does this much to my discouragement and those toys are immediately returned). All of my bottles have been well researched on The Soft Landing website and I feel like I’m a pretty informed consumer, if not paranoid. Make sure that these bags are disposed of properly and not used as toys or to carry warm food in and I’m sure we’ll all be ok. 

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