Sunday, July 21, 2024

Black Microstripe Cool Racerback and Power Y

by Cristina

A few weeks ago I got the Heathered Power Purple/Micro Stripe Cool Racerback and really love it, mostly because it’s very soft like running luon. Today I ended up seeing the Black Microstripe Cool Racerback version of it and got it for my new Sister in Law who just announced her pregnancy yesterday =D (I don’t think she knows of my blogging endeavors yet so it’s unlikely she’ll read this) my mom and I waffled between getting her a Swiftly Tech Tee or the Cool Racerback and we ended up deciding on the Cool Racerback because cozy is the # 1 deciding factor for a pregnancy wardrobe. The Swiftly’s are soft and cool but not as cozy and versatile as a neutral Cool Racerback which can be layered with other tanks or tees. If your thinking of getting a Cool Racerback anytime soon I really recommend these microstripe ones as they seem to be softer, especially the Heathered Power Purple one.

A sneaky upload of the Heathered Power Purple Multistripe today.

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