Monday, December 11, 2023

The Vancouver Sun mention of Lululemon on Oprah (and Ethical Bean)

by Cristina

Finally, here is The Vancouver Sun article about Lululemon Relaxed Fit Pants being featured on Oprah’s Ultimate Favourite Things List as well as my top favourite Coffee brand Ethical Bean that I buy weekly and did not even know was a Vancouver based company. It’s an amazing tasting coffee (and cheap at $12/lb) but I buy it because Starbucks seems to really gum up my espresso machine with it’s oils so this was the coffee I tried next and loved it from the start. I like the Sweet Espresso flavour but lately we’ve been using the Rocket Fuel flavour because my husband has been liking the bolder flavour better. And these two things, Lululemon and great coffee have been my favourite things to indulge in.


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