Saturday, May 25, 2024

Upload Thursday

by Cristina

I got nothing today but I’m still trolling the exchange page. What did you guys buy today?

Persimmon Scoop Neck Tank. I’m actually really loving the bit of Persimmon contrast on grey. I can handle Persimmon as a contrast.

I say I hate a color but then I find a few items in that color that I love. I wish this scuba came with a fuzzy furry inner hood. I’m pretty sure I’ve reached my Christmas wish list max but I may sneak this one in somehow.

Run: Dash Crop. FINALLY! I really like the look of these and if there still around in the Spring i’ll be getting a pair.

Heart Tanks. I love them but they just don’t work on me. I really like the Very Violet paired with black. Not so sure about the Black straps on the Persimmons and Grey top, I think that one should have had grey straps.

50 Rep Bra. This one is more matte Static Wish like the Power Y and not so much like the silky Cool Racerback.

Dash LS in Static Persimmon. This is a pretty wild color.

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