Monday, July 22, 2024

Upload Thursday Eve Musings

by Cristina

Pretty much the only thing I would get if it comes up tomorrow would be a Fuzzy Fleece Pullover (look to your right of the screen and you’ll see my coveted one) in some new incarnation or off of the Exchange or ebay. A Gratitude Wrap if there is a new incarnation or an old Heathered Fox one from the Exchange Page. I miss Lululemon 2009. Oh, I could possibly be swayed by a new solid colored Dash LS. I really like some of the statics that have come out but I’m pretty much done with statics. There is only so much static one can have.

What are you considering for tomorrows upload? or potential uploads on ebay or the exchange page?

*I’ll be adding pictures to this post as they come up.

All of the current Swiftly Tech LS & SS

Run: Inspire Crops

50 Rep Bra & Poncho Striped Flow Y Bra. I saw the Static Wish Blue 50 Rep today and was tempted. It’s the same look as the matte luon static Power Y and not the shiny polyester added luon version. 

The Bust Stops Here (I like the Coal one)

Static Coal Run Dash. 

Persimmon and Haze Scubas

And another chameleon Haze Scuba picture

Haze/Coal Define

Coal/Haze Brushed Luon Still Pants

Persimmon Swiftly and Brushed Luon Still Pants

Wish Swiftly (feels less delicate then Lilac)

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