Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tales of the Dreadmill

by Cristina

yet another time pressed evening requiring me to hop on my treadmill instead of gearing up to go out into the cold for a run this evening. I really hate treadmill running and would so much rather be outside enjoying the outdoors and seeing the distance I cover instead of just reading the numbers on the display. I find it so hard to maintain my usual distance on the treadmill for some reason even though it’s supposedly less effort expenditure. I get way hotter then I do outside and I it’s just so easy to hop right off when I’ve had enough where as outside, if I’ve run 3.5km’s out then I need to run that same distance back in order to get home. And why bother walking it if I can just get home faster by running. I think sometimes the treadmill is harder because I’m maintaining pace where as outside I’m constantly adjusting my pace as I go up and down hills.

If I look on the bright side of todays run, I did complete 4 miles (she’s an american treadmill) and I got to listen to music during my run which I never usually do when I run outside, and I got to watch a little bit of TV. Because I have a treadmill in my basement I get my very own space away from the kiddies and I can shamelessly run in my pima cotton Modern Racerback (eeek! not moisture wicking) and when I get overheated I can just wear my Flow Y and not worry about anyone seeing my jiggly bits. I got this AFG 5.0 Treadmill back in April as a post baby push present to myself and she’s really been neglected until now. I’ve run on her maybe 10 times since I got her but I tend to run outdoors rain or shine. This is a pretty excellent treadmill for a home use version if your thinking about maybe getting one. This treadmill has an ipod docking station and speakers, an orthotic belt (cushioning) and a wider and longer belt then average and is super quite which is good when the kids are sleeping. It also came with a Polar wireless heart rate monitor  which is really a great thing to use once in a while. The only downside of this treadmill is that it takes a little while to speed up to your selected pace so I just tag on a few extra seconds at the end to make up the difference but that’s just my little neurotic behavior. I think most runners are a little bit neurotic like that.

Now that I safely have my run behind me and the kids are asleep finally I’m diving head first into a bowl of Halloween candy with abandon as I’ve had a rough day and I’ve earned the reward.

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