Monday, November 28, 2022

Some More Pictures..Very Violet Define and more.

by Cristina

Very Violet Define looks pretty. I’m almost certain I saw a solid Persimmons one the other day but now I’m wondering why I haven’t seen it yet in pictures.

Stand Strong Tank in Very Violet. I love this tank in this color on her. I think she looks awesome. I didn’t initially notice the arrows pointing down but now I can’t not notice it now that it’s been brought to my attention. Does that bother all of you? I haven’t decided yet if that’s something that would deter me from wearing this tank.

I tried on the Express Yourself Wrap yesterday and I just didn’t love it for $118. It’s just not a flattering cut on me and I don’t care for the fabric blend as it’s prone to pilling. That being said it feels silky and has a nice weight to it.

And the POM Jacket. This one looks sized right but it does look short. I think that’s fine for mild winters here in BC but somewhere like Saskatoon or Alberta would need a bit more of a drop tail back. 

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