Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Run: Dash Pullover Hits Ebay

by Cristina

The Run: Dash Pullover has hit ebay sooner then in some stores or Lululemon FB albums so we don’t yet get to see a modelled picture which is disappointing because I’ve really been wanting to see how that scoop seam detail looks on over different busts. My guess is that it will be way more flattering on larger chested (gifted) ladies as apposed to smaller chested women. So far, from what I see in these pictures I’m liking my Inspire pullover better for the ruched feminine neck line and the hip contrast detail which is ribbed luon and helps with the fit around wider hips. Although I do like the pretty ruffle on the sleeve and the placement of the reflective strip for the sake of running, I probably wouldn’t like it for street use as those two elements are quite obvious.  I’m tempted a little bit by the Static Lilac as it is so soft and amazing in the Run Inspire that I’ve been greedily considering scoping up anything and everything that may come out in that exact fabric/color. I’m like a greedy cheshire cat these days with running pullovers.

When I first saw the Product Notice pictures (sorry for the misaligned persimmons picture below) I noticed the seams on the back were not lined up properly at the bottom and it looked uneven where the pocket is. I figured it was just because this was a mock up picture. But now that I see the real life pictures I notice some puckered seaming in the same area (noted on the lilac picture) and I wonder if it’s in fact caused by the pattern not lining up properly. Lately I’ve noticed items in stores that have uneven seams on design elements that are supposed to be quite symmetrical. In the same items, some are perfectly symmetrical and some are not. Now I take care to double check all these things before leaving the store because I know if I catch it later, after I’ve torn the tags off it would drive me bananas. I’m curios to see how that particular seam in the back looks in real life as it’s hard to judge by a few pictures if this is the case with this top or it’s just how it’s been spread out on the surface.

RUN: Dash PulloverAlternate View

Here you can see the seam detail comparisons between the Inspire Pullover (bottom) and the Dash Pullover (top).

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