Saturday, June 15, 2024

Run Dash Pullover Fit Report & More

by Cristina

I got a chance to try on the Dash Pullover and many, many more new items so keep checking here for add ons.

Run Dash Pullover: I tried on both a size 10 and a size 8 and ended up brining the size 10 in Wish Blue home for a visit  -let me know what you think. I love the solid Wish running luon but I’m not enamoured with the pullover itself. One thing I noticed and pointed out in the second picture is that the scoop seam detailing hangs down quite low and draws attention to my Flow Y bra which is showing through. the second thing I didn’t like is the zipper guard on the collar pictured below. It’s quite a huge piece of fabric compared to the Inspire pullover zipper garage (which is slightly folded over in this shot) so this prevents me from wearing this unzipped slightly the way I wear my Inspire. I find the collar to be a lot like the Define Jacket in it’s unfinished look.  Also, the issue we found with the pockets of the first run of Inspire Pullovers (not sewn in all the way around) is again an issue with this top. Now I don’t understand why, if they were able to make the change for the second run of Inspire Pullovers why they wouldn’t make that change to these before releasing them.

Run Dash LS in size 8.  A better fit in my opinion.

And a shot of the pocket detail.

Run Dash LS Very Violet (also saw Static Persimmon -didn’t dig it). 

I liked the color of this one but I want a soft non static running luon LS so I may end up getting the Plum LS or just not getting one at all. Hrmph! Static is nice in small doses such as in a tank but I really prefer a warmer softer feel for a long sleeve.

Alignment Tank – Luon light. Built in Bra, moderate support

Haze Swiftly (also saw Persimmon and Wish)

Scoop Neck Tank

Wish Swiftly LS on the top right

Outward Bound Pants, Coal size 10

These pants were Luon in the back and Glyde in the front with an inner layer of technical fleece. Quite thick and slightly stiff so I do recommend trying on the size up for comfort, but they were comfortable enough that I would wear these for a run if need be. These were roomy but because of the thick double layer of fabric it felt slightly constricting. The rise was a mid rise and comfortable for me. I’m not convinced it will get so cold here in Vancouver that I will need these. They were very, very warm so I think it’s perfect for somewhere like Saskatoon but just not for Vancouver. I think I can make do with some fleece lined luxtreme tights if they ever make those.

And currently  (now vanished) on the Canadian side of is the Wish Blue Poncho Stripe Scuba (thanks to Megan for pointing out). 

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