Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Relaxed Fit Pants on Oprah

by Cristina

Today Lululemon was featured on “Oprah’s Favourite Things” episode. Oprah’s favourite butt pants are (and mine too of course)  the Relaxed Fit Pants as you see pictured below. Here is the link for the list Oprah’s Ultimate Favourite Things 2010 featuring Relaxed Fit Pants.

Relaxed Fit PantRelaxed Fit PantRelaxed Fit Pant *Brushed

I’ve stocked up on my favourite thing from Lululemon The Relaxed Fit Pants  after trying out the Brushed Luon version last month. I totally fell in love with them, especially after discovering the cinch cord at the bottom hem which meant I didn’t have to get them hemmed. These pants are extremely flattering to the butt area because of the back seam and pocket placement and long strait leg. If you get the brushed Luon version it’s actually quite a lot warmer for the winter and feels like it’s made of flannel on the inside.  I now have a pair of the Coal colored ones and a 2nd Brushed Luon Relaxed Fit Pant and I’m so glad that I got them before this Oprah episode featuring Lululemon because I have a feeling they will be hard to keep in stock now, especially on the online store.

And just for fun, lets watch LLL TSX and see what it does after this episode. Closed today at 51.39

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