Saturday, June 15, 2024

Poncho Scuba Hoodie

by Cristina

Very interesting texture to the newest scuba hoodie. It looks like the woven muslin of real ponchos. I do really like the look of this scuba as it’s really different from the usual scubas.

**I think she’s wearing a poncho stripe Pima tee underneath that’s peaking out a the bottom!! I would love to see that. Not sure I would like it in a tee but I’m really, really wanting to see it.

This is a picture from Aritzia from the summer. They’re doing the poncho thing huge and even have woven laptop covers in this knitted print. I’ve been tempted by some leather mitts lined in shearling that have an tribal inspired print along the edge which sort of matches this style they are just $35 for really soft leather. Much better price point for mittens I think. If I can find a picture of them all add them here as I think it would look totally adorable with the Lulu Scuba Hoodie.

Laptop case

TNA Laptop Case

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