Saturday, June 15, 2024

The Oprah Effect on Inventory

by Cristina

All of the Relaxed Fit Pants except the Brushed Luon Relaxed Fit Pants are sold out for the most part. Did you buy a pair in anticipation of increased demand or are these new customer purchases? I notice the fan numbers on the Lululemon Facebook Page  has increased by about 10 000 since Thursday. While I don’t watch Oprah very much I do read her magazine on occasion and find out what her latest book selection is because she has great selections. I’m currently reading Freedom, By Jonathan Franzen and it is such a great book. Even if I hadn’t seen it on Oprah the local bookstores display her picks prominently at the front of the store so that it’s the first thing you see and it would have been hard to miss.   I think regardless of if you watch Oprah, the buzz she creates is contagious and sooner or later everyone catches on to what she’s promoting. What do you think?

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