Saturday, June 15, 2024

Newest Items: POM Jacket, Express Yourself Wraps, CRB’s & Power Y’s, Strides and More

by Cristina

Lots of new items in store today and sadly I couldn’t gather everything up for you today but here are the most notable items. bear with me as I add to the post.  I was tempted by the Power Y only for the color but put it back and decided to be patient. I ended up getting a Very Violet Brisk Ear Warmer. I’m kind of neutral towards very violet except for when it’s trimmed in black and then I love it. I love the ear warmers as headbands as it holds everything back without kinking or giving me headband hair and it looks really nice on when you have very, very thick wavy hair. Most headbands have trouble standing up to my mop.  Not pictured here are static Wunder Under pants in Static Plum. I think you have to be brave to wear those.

Express Yourself Wraps in Wish & Plum. Very Yum!

Peace Of Mind Jacket *Satin Finish (Daze) $228Not a bad price for a 750 Fill jacket. The size 8 was too small on me but I could tell that the jacket was not at all michelin man like on me so I will wish list it for now.

Cute pocket detail on the upper shoulders. 

Stride in Static Charcoal and Very Violet. Also spotted the Wish and Poncho Stripe one. Cute enough but not my cup of coffee.

Stand Strong Tank in Very Violet. Comes in Wish and Haze as well.Not gross grain ribbon detailing as I thought but interesting seam detailsnot sure how comfortable it will be on your back for mat work -$52

Also spotted a Solid Define in Very Violet.

Cool Racerback in Static Wish (front and back). Didn’t love the feel of this so I put it back. I also spotted the Very Violet CRB which was solid Very Violet in the back (not my favourite idea). That one had a nicer feel to it (thinner?) but sadly it was suffering identity crisis. I wish this CRB was more like the Power Y pictured below.

Power Y in matte Static Wish with Wish Straps. Very, very tempted by this and wish the Cool Racerback came in a matte Static Wish with piping in solid wish. 

Persimmons Cool Racerback. Also saw a solid Define in Persimmons and headbands. Don’t care for this color for me. I saw a Static Charcoal Define with the Persimmons details on it.

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