Wednesday, June 19, 2024

New Photos – Static Persimmon, Dash Items, Alignement Tank & Heart Tank and More

by Cristina

Keep checking back at this post. I’m adding pictures here as they come up.

Very Violet Heart Tank

Scoop Neck Tank in Persimmon

Swiftly LS in Very Violet. I like this one. I only handled the Haze Swiftly yesterday but I didn’t notice it being as delicate as the Lilac one felt to me.

Static Persimmon Dash LS, Dash Pullover in Persimmon, and Swiftly LS in Very Violet.
New Scuba Color. Not sure what this is. Not Oasis or River Rock…any guesses?

Black Scoop Neck Tank?

Wow, I love this Alignement tank in Persimmon. I think this would be my low commitment, branching out top in this color. Worn here with the Poncho Stripe Yogini Pants.

Ribbed luon detailing

Run Swiftly Tech LS in Haze (thought this was a Dash LS at first, now I’m pining for that).

Static Persimmon. Not liking it very much. In person you could see a lot of the white flecks in the static so it just reminded me of a creamsicle. But…It does look fantastic on this model. I also saw a Static Persimmon Dash LS and that one was very creamsicle ish. Picture of the Dash LS posted below with the Outward Bound Running Pants.

Scoop Neck Tank in Wish/Poncho. I think I like this version of Poncho stripe. I haven’t liked it so far except for in a Flow Y peaking under a Wish CRB so in small subtle doses it seems to be fine. this is a fun Scoop Neck which we haven’t seen in a while.

Static Very Violet Dash Pullover and Static Persimmon:

And more shots of the Dash Pullover. I’ve tried it on two more times since last night and I’m still undecided. I measured it roughly against my Inspire Pullover and the Dash Pullover is longer by a few inches. Keep in mind that my Inspire Pullover is a size 10 and the Dash I got is an 8, so the difference is quite a bit. I also think you need to stay TTS in the Dash and if your between two sizes go with your lower size. It makes a huge difference where the yoke seam over the bust hits you.

And worn with the new Dash tight. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the fit of these tights.

Yogi Dance Pant. Very Violet/ Static Charcoal.

Heart Tank in Coal and Haze

Heart Tank in Coal/Haze, Very Violet/Black, Wish/Poncho Stripe

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