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November 23, 2010

Yogini Dance Jacket and Challenge Crop. Not so bad in the front, kind of reminds me of the Shape Jacket. It has a metal looking zipper but it’s actually plastic and pretty smooth. But it’s also quite shiny.

Chai Time Sweater. It’s a very lovely top and I love the style. Wish is my favourite color and I think Wish colored knits have an elegant sheen to them. I’m tempted but the price at $88 really makes me step back. I’d like to see this under the Christmas tree for me but I don’t want to ask for it. Surprise me, go ahead!

Ruffled SE Wunder Under Tights. Cute! This is about the amount of ruffle I like in one outfit.

Challenge Tank made out of silverescent Luon

Challenge Crops

Happy Heat Bra and Shorts. I saw this bra today in Persimmon and really liked it in the solid color.

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