Here is a shot of Heathered Pink Grey (2nd left) right next to Heathered Ash. I saw them hanging near each other in store and couldn’t tell that they were two different colors. Unless you have them side by side you can’t really see the pink in Heathered Pink Grey, but it is a touch warmer and would be more flattering to your skin tone.

I already got the Candlelight Tank in Multi State of Mind Print and love it but The Heart Tank is a tank that I really love but that I didn’t find flattering on me because of the contrast up top above the breast paired with the clingyness of the luon right below the breast. It looked strange on me and I didn’t like how it made my boobs look like they had eyebrows and made them more narrow. I have hopes though that the Organic Cotton version on the right will have less emphasis to the bust area because of the looser fit. I would adore this tank with a Multi State of Mind Print on the bottom with the top contrast portion in black or charcoal or the reverse. I love the design of this tank with the thick straps and scooped back so I very much want it to work for me. 

I’ll be trying this one on for sure, especially if the Candlelight tank is too much print for me.

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