Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Challenge Jacket, Pants and Tanks

by Cristina

Another Jacket that looks similar to the Shape Jacket. This has a hidden zipper design which is interesting. All of the Challenge Items are made out of new Silverescent Luon and so far everything that has come out has been black.

**Because of the Special new fabric blend Silverescent Luon, these items are quite pricey. The Challenge Jacket is priced at $168!! I think this may have something to do with “The Oprah Effect” though as the items from late summer with Silverescent Circle Mesh were not pricier. I dunno, is anti stink material that important? I don’t have issues with my regular luon and luxtreme stinking because they go straight into the wash after sweating in with very little low residue detergent. How do you guys feel about the pricing on this?

Notice there are two Challenge Tanks (not sure on the exact names of both) the first tank is called the Foundation Tank, one is a thin strap version and one is more like the Push Your Limits Tank. Both tanks pictured below.

Foundation Tank

Challenge Tank

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