Saturday, May 25, 2024

Candlelight Tank Multi State of Mind Print – Try on Report

by Cristina

I tried on the Candlelight Tank today in the Multi State of Mind print in store (mine hasn’t arrived yet) and I love it. LOVE IT! It may be too much for me to wear on it’s own in full glory but I love it for layering. As you can see it looks fantastic under the Wish Post Run Pullover. I saw an educator after I left wearing the same tank underneath her Static Wish Dash LS and it looked so striking paired together.  This one is definitely a keeper for me even though it’s a completely frivolous tank and will not be used for sweating in. I plan on layering mine under my Heathered Wish Live Simply Tee and under my Very Violet Post Run Pullover and under my Coal Cabin LS  (Haze side is very pilled).

As for the Heart Tank, I loved it as well in the Organic Cotton. It’s just as I suspected (and posted about here) the Organic cotton clings less on me below the bust making it a bit of a loser fit eliminating my issues with how it made my bust look (boob eyebrows and boob narrowing). I did like it a lot but in the end left without it for now. I think I want to see it in a darker grey on the bottom with the multi print contrast. But I’m sure if it’s still around next month i’ll probably cave. The Wish Post Run Pullover I loved and it is totally Canucks blue as a reader had mentioned. I want it very badly but just can’t really justify (or hide from my husband) a second fleece pullover. Not right away at least.

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