Friday, December 8, 2023

And some new Shots of Items

by Cristina

I’ll add pictures here as they come up.

Here you see which of the new Scubas have metal zippers and which do not. Teal Zeal and Fruity Tooty are metal and I believe plum is as well. Metal zippers are an issue for a lot of people as the catch your clothes and tear them to shreds so I’m not sure why some scubas have them and some don’t.

I really love this Lilac Scuba.

Hello mystery long sleeve top in what looks like Very Violet..

Could this be a Dash LS in Very Violet with a tee shirt worn over it in disguise? it’s not Brisk Arm Warmers because there are no reflective strips.  Mystery solved. This top is a one piece top from 4 or so years ago that is made to look like a layered tee and LS. Boo. Well, now I’m dreaming of a Dash LS in Very Violet.

New Cool Racerback Colors

Lilac, Wish, Haze/Coal, Static Very Violet/Very Violet, Static Wish, Teal Zeal.

Why oh why didn’t I just grab that Very Violet. It’s haunting me now.

Candlelight tank. I like the dark grey better because it doesn’t have the Ombre stripe down the side. Now that I see it in more pictures I really like the way the straps in the back space out so much at the bottom and then narrow in towards the upper back.

Teal Zeal Scuba (metal zippers again?)

This educator is adorable and really nice. But I’m just so not a fan of Poncho Multi Stripe or Persimmons. I’m sorry if you love it but there is just something about those two that I hate. It looks nice on her. It’s not that it’s not flattering it’s just one of those colors/prints you either love or despise. I look forward to your letters.

and this educator looks fab in this outfit. But Persimmons, Tang Light and Lagoon are colors I detest. Poopoo!

See what I mean about Very Violet combined with Black? Looks pretty awesome that way. I think a Very Violet Stride with Black contrast symbol would have been nicer than the Static Grey.

I just noticed in a picture from today another Ivy Varsity Run Shirt.

Fast In Flight Bag – felted wooly fabric

Coal Pique Wunder Unders. I quite like these a lot..wishlisted.

Candlelight Tank – Cute, not so sure about the Ombre.

Very Violet CRB. Such a flattering color on. I was pleasantly surprised by this tank in how flattering the color is and also the feel of the static.

Persimmons Define. I’m pretty sure I also saw a solid Persimmons Define with the solid Very Violet one.   Persimmons is not a color that I gravitate towards.

And some new Wunder Unders. Ok, they are very cute in a way…but I can’t wear these prints on bottoms. Not many can. There fun but just really obvious and I like wearing more conspicuous bottoms. Of these I like the Static Wish the best, they almost look like denim. 

Live simply Pants. Cute! 

And cute brimmed beanie. I seem to remember these being in the $29-$35 range which is about what I would spend on a hat. I didn’t see it in store today otherwise I would have brought one home with me.

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