Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Upload Thursdays Eve Musings

by Cristina

A few of you probably remember my incessant posting of ‘wanted: Ivory Huff ‘N Puff Vest. Well, today thanks to a readers tip off (thank you so much!!) of one listed on ebay I was able to get it for retail price New With Tags. I’m so glad I got it because I just haven’t been 100% happy with the colors out at the moment for the Peace Of Mind Vests but I’ve been quite satisfied with my Joe Fresh $29 Vest that a neutral colored vest is quite practical and useful in my life so I’m happy to upgrade to this one. Since the main item I’ve been awaiting from lulu the Awareness Wrap posted about bellow ,a bust for me I don’t think I’ll be buying anything else for a while. I still have tags on my Teal Zeal Run Inspire Pullover just in case. If the new Dash Pullover becomes available tomorrow and I love it I can return the Run Inspire but I think I’m preferring the one I have. I am quite in love with my Lilac Inspire Pullover since it’s been upgraded so I think I’m pretty set for Running Luon. My exception of course is if something comes out in heathered or static Wish Blue. I love that color so much.

My wish list would be for something I have not seen yet. A long sleeve Pima in Heathered or Static Wish Blue, An Inspire Pullover in Static or Wish Blue or a fleece pullover of some type. These are all unlikely so  I’m pretty sure the wallet will have a rest.

What are you hoping to buy?

Make me a Heathered or Static Wish Blue one of these please!

RUN: Dash Pullover

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