Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Upload Thursday Eve Musings

by Cristina

Well, I think the only thing on my wish list is a Heathered Wish blue Running Luon Pullover or LS, a fleece pullover of some sort and a Gratitude Wrap. I would also like another pair of Brushed Luon pants eventually but that doesn’t feel like an emergency need since I don’t know what I would like to see in that. Maybe Wunder Under Pants or another pair of Relaxed Fit Pants would be nice. I would like to try on the Plum Dash LS in store to see if it’s love worthy but although I like Plum it’s not one of my top favourites so I need to try it on rather then order online. I’ve had some really great luck on exchange/ebay lately and I’ve managed to knock out most of my ‘one that got away’ favourites for really decent prices. I feel greedy. I seem to always find these gems on disappointing (for me) upload Thursdays. So…I hope I find a Heathered Fox Gratitude Wrap (or Heathered Mudd close second) on ebay tomorrow.

What are you guys planning on buying? And what great exchange/ebay finds have you scored?

RUN: Dash LSAlternate View

And some Pictures of the new stuff to refresh your memories tomorrow morning.

Love these gloves but so not the price on them ($48)

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