Friday, June 14, 2024

The Stride Saga

by Cristina

**Note: I’ll be running new posts under this one today so make sure to scroll down for fresh pictures. 

Well now there are a few reports via Facebook of the current batch of Strides (pictured bellow) having seam fray issues which the GEC has not been made aware of. Please take a moment to read through this thread from Facebook and this second one too. If you are someone that has a current batch stride and your having fraying seam issues please post in the comments section bellow my post. If you’ve returned it to a store or have attempted to would you please also post the store you returned it to. Having these issues reported and documented will be helpful in letting GEC know what types of issues are happening and where. I believe the feedback from readers of this blog in the comments section is an invaluable resource for Lululemon. my hope is that this encourages Lululemon to take a closer look at some of the issues we’ve been seeing lately as customers and that they take steps to improve whatever is happening in the production or design stage.

This is meant as a constructive post for Lululemon so please keep comments to just the issue you had with your stride from this batch bellow, the color, the store returned or attempted return. I’m sure Lululemon will make note of each comment and am quite confident that they will take our concerns seriously.

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