Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Night Running

by Cristina

It’s been so hard keeping my motivation up to run these last few weeks as my babysitting hasn’t been available during the day anymore and my husband has been coming home after dark. On good days it’s been pouring rain which doesn’t make a run very enticing when your already dragging your feet around and hate using the dreadmill. So it’s been quite tough keeping up with my 7ishkm runs on a regular basis. Last week I decided to split my runs up a bit more and do 2 longer runs during daylight hours and 2-3 short night time weekday runs instead of always pushing myself to do all longer runs all the time. Today was my first run of the week after having taken a bit of a hiatis. I managed to run a very pleasant (slow) uphill/flat run for 50 minutes and it was quite enjoyable. It was 10* out tonight and clear so I wore my Inspire Pullover (lilac)  over a Cool Racerback (Pig Pink) and my Inspire Crops (Black/Lolo). Since I find the reflective features on most Lululemon items not nearly enough (especially compared to other night runners) for nightime running I have purchased some reflective snap bracelets that I can wear around my ankles or wrists. I wore them around my ankles but once I hit the shower after my run I realized what a bad place that was to wear them since I felt a burning sting when the water hit me were they caused major chafing. Other then that my run was exactly what I needed it to be in order to recharge and refocus my running for the coming cold and dark evening runs. Running at night was not so bad tonight because I kept to very well lit areas with heavy traffic and just ran extra loops at the end when I needed to run the clock. I felt much more at ease in the dark tonight for some reason. Also, it was quite pretty to see all of the houses in my area decorated for Halloween with spooky things and bright orange lights. I think I just need to rethink my hangup of night running and appreciate the different things I get to see on these evening runs that I would never normally get to see during the day.

*sorry, couldn’t find a night running picture as nice as this day time one.

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