When I first saw the color Teal Zeal I was not at all interested in it because it looked too similar to the other Teals that have been out (Lagoon, Oasis) but then I saw it in person and it’s quite green..and then I saw it on an educator at Coquitlam Centre who has similar coloring to me (dark brown hair, green eyes) and it looked fantastic on her. I decided I hated the name Teal Zeal and much prefer thinking of it as a Jade Green. I highly recommend the Cool Racerback in that color and in fact I think my Static Plum is going to be returned for that one..although, wouldn’t it look so nice layered under the Static Plum Cool Racerback? Anyways, the heathered teal zeal pictured bellow is quite lovely as well. It looks like a milky  jade to me. She’s wearing the Inspire Pullover with the Run: Dash Tights.

See, pockets still there. It would be a huge shame if it had been removed. I just want to see that pocket sewn in top and bottom.

Here is a great picture of the Power Dance Tank on someone with a larger bust. I think this top looks really pretty on her. Wish Blue is another really great color. It’s pure blue and very energetic. I think it’s my happy color.

Heart Tank, I want to love you but I don’t think you work for me. I may need to drag someone to the store for an objective opinion on it.

In this picture bellow, on the left side you can see a bit of the rolling seam issue I had with the top edge of the static part. The two sizes I tried on where worse than this and on the inside front.

Love these straps.

Looks really pretty under this jacket. I really like how the static detail on this top looks under an open jacket. I want to try it on with my black or grey cardigans (Aritzia)

Belt it out pants. And this is the figure these pants will work for : ( Not sure what tank she’s wearing. Possibly a Push Your Limits. It’s not the new Centred Tank as there are not enough superfluous straps.

Pinnacle Jacket in Coal. Check out the Senorita Pink detailing.

And a first ever spotted Lilic Stride. So pretty. I like that it’s all one color and I’m feeling tempted by it. Especially if it’s brushed luon on the inside.

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