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Guest Post: Reviews by Beth

by Cristina

My love affair with the Tadasana pant has been on and off since Cristina first posted a picture of it on this blog. Initially, I fell in love with the straighter leg, and the fact that it was the first black luon straight-legged pant to have a drawstring to turn them into crops. But then, as made their appearance in a few stores, I read some reviews from others mentioning how tight the pants were in the calf area. Then, I wasn’t so sure anymore since I find that the shape of the Wunder Unders does nothing for me with the tightness in that area. Once they finally hit my stores, I rushed out to try them on, and the love affair was back on!
These pants now top my list, primarily because I find them so versatile. However, they are also far more flattering than I thought with the boot cut and the curved seaming at the front of the leg. With our strange weather since I’ve had them, I’ve had a chance to wear them both with flip flops and boots. With flip flops, cinching the drawstring creates a perfect fit. With boots, the narrow leg fits perfectly without any bunching. I’ve also used them quite a bit for yoga at home, and I love the drawstring to keep the pants up and away so they don’t get under my feet. Style-wise, they look great with jackets/tops that better suit a narrower pant. I love my Tadasana pants with my pencil sketch WWA!
I was a bit concerned with the high-waist when I first picked up the Tadasana pant, but honestly, they are flattering , hold everything together, and have a really comfy design so they don’t feel like they’re too constricting with the high rise.
The only real downside with these is the limited colour choice; I’m not big on the lighter static grey and have so much black luon, i’d love to see them in something else so I can get another pair!
I did find that these pants are TTS. I am between a 6-8 for bottoms that are TTS but usually go with the 8 in wunder under crops and groove pants (although, I do have some in a 6 and can get away with that). I got the 8 in these and they’re fantastic. I’m 5’9” with a 34” inseam; most regular length pants are too short but these leave me with plenty of length regardless of the shoes I’m wearing.

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