Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Cute Pictures..

by Cristina

Nothing really new in these pictures but I love that this educator modelled clothes for the albums. These are adorable. If your pregnant and thinking of getting some Lulu items you should know that all of my maternity lulu items have snapped right back to shape after. Sadly I had never thought to get a Stride at that time but I would have loved it. I don’t know how I would have recovered properly from my unfortunate c-section if I had not had my still pants.

Adorable Stride zipped open from the bottom up with a Cool Racerback underneath.

Swiftly LS. very light and breathable for those hot flashes in the 3rd trimester.
Cool Racerback and Express Yourself Wrap. The Cool Racerback tanks provide full tummy coverage right till the end.
Modern Crewneck and Still pants. Still Pants are a must for pregnancy. Forget about those stupid jeans with tummy panels.

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