Saturday, July 20, 2024

Awareness Wrap Fit Review #2

by Cristina

Sadly I left the store without an Awareness Wrap. I want to start by saying I really, really like the wrap and  ended up liking the Plum/Seaspray one on me best of all (the classic sports grey bellow is my close second). I also saw a black one with whisper grey inner liner. My issue with this wrap is the same I have with the Savasana. The jacket does not close properly on someone with wider hips. Sizing up didn’t help at all for me as I’m small from the waist up. The size 10 was huge on me and looked really baggy but even then because of the narrower body fit it did not sit closed at the very bottom and I could tell as I move around it would just slide open even more as the cotton sort of catches a bit. The size 8 fit perfectly in the arms shoulders, chest and midsection but looked pulled open obviously at the bottom. I say, if you don’t have really wide hips/small upper body ratio issues then you will love this wrap. The hood is adorable and I love the ribbed detailing in the back. Arms were not snug at all just fitted and felt really comfortable. The pocket placement was a little odd as it’s not directly on your sides but slightly farther back so when you go to put your hands in your pockets your looking for them first. 

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