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September 16, 2010

So I didn’t get anything but I did momentarily consider the Running Jacket. I’ve got my plain ol’ Running Room jacket so I don’t need this jacket. The only thing I would get for running now are socks, long sleeve swiftly (in the next color run) and probably a pullover if new ones come out. I’m pretty set for running gear. To & from items, I would love to see a sweater like the Gratitude Wrap or the Savasana or something similar to those designs. I need long pants as I purchased the Relaxed Fit pants the other day in static but I’ve decided to return them. Not totally sold on the practicality of the static color with the rest of my wardrobe, but I do love the silkyness of it.

I like this Run: Inspire jacket but I want more reflectivity in my running jackets. I went out for a late night run last night as it was the only time I could get out because my husband was home pretty late from work and now both sets of grandparents are busy taking care of the other grandchildren so I need to adapt my running schedule to my husbands late work hours. My neighborhood is a bit scary at night only because I have two huge parks on either side of me which means total darkness, my track that I loop is not lit up at night and a lot of streets on my loop have no sidewalks. All of this means I need huge reflective strips or bigger areas of patterned reflectivity on my clothes and not thin lines. I also need a good sturdy pocket for my blackberry that doesn’t bounce around (sewn on the top and bottom helps). This is my wish list for running jackets and winter running gear for the design team.

The Every Day Yoga Jacket in Ivy and Shark. I would have been more tempted by this jacket in these colors around the time I got my Audrey jacket but unfortunately the length on this jacket is wrong for me.

Alignment Pant

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