Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Upload Thursday

by Cristina

Well that was a pretty small upload. I’m relieved about that because I didn’t want to need anything today. I do really like the new Mindful Tank a lot from the front but I’m not loving the straps in the back so much, I don’t think the back straps are a deal breaker though. I’ll likely wait on the tank for when I feel I need one but I run almost totally outdoors and when I run on the treadmill at home I don’t ‘dress up’. In fact, I have run in my pj’s before ;p yes I know, not moisture wicking. I throw caution to the wind sometimes and just run.

Mystery Mindful Tank that looks like a combo of Push Your Limits and the Fuoette Tank. I really like the look of it. Shoot, I don’t need a tank right now.

Cute SE Scuba Hoodie. I really like this black one with River Rock hood

And the Escapade Jacket. Still liking the solids Black and Coal the best.

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