Saturday, July 20, 2024

Swell Jacket in Alarming

by Cristina

Ok, I’m really starting to get the idea that Lululemon must have had some production/distribution issues.
Swell JacketSwell JacketAlternate View

It seems really odd to see a new item come out in Alarming since now a lot of items from the Alarming/Oasis/Citron Pallet are showing up on sale in a lot of stores. I also found it very strange that some US warmer climate locations got the Inspire Pullover before colder climate cities in the US and Canada and we got the mesh cool racerback here before the US side got it. The Crosstrain Crops should have come out with the Crosstrain pullover which to me also don’t seem like fall pants with all of the mesh. and I think were all noticing some differences in the quality of certain items. What are your thoughts?

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