Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Upload Thursday Eve Musings

by Cristina

So my predictions for tomorrows upload are of course the Escapade Jackets, The SE Scuba Hoodies with cable knit detailing, the new bras (Alignment, Boobs on a Wire) and the Tadasana Jacket and the Flow and Go Tank. I think we may see some surprise introductions of items not yet seen in stores and perhaps new colors which would be nice or some special release item like a few Gratitude Wrap or new Wear With All Hoodie. These are just guesses of course. I’m almost hoping for a disappointing upload tomorrow so I can save my pennies for a resale Ivory Huff ‘N Puff Vest. If I did purchase something tomorrow it would be a Peace Of Mind Vest in a new color like Daze, socks in cute colors/prints or small accessories, Swiftly LS in a new color like Ivy. I think that’s all I would bite at. What do you think we’ll see tomorrow and are hoping to buy?

Pictures of the Coal Escapade Jacket
I’ve learned from a reader that the logo is very subtle and blends in with the jacket so black on the black jacket (like the lab) and Coal on the Coal jacket. That is really cool because some items I like to see a logo like on the scubas/remixes and some items like winter jackets I prefer not to see the logo.

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