Wednesday, May 22, 2024

New Modern V Neck Print

by Cristina

I picked this Modern V Neck Long Sleeve with the color code Coal/BKFP in a size 6 and like it on a lot better now that I’ve brought it home and tried it on than I liked it in the store. I got it because my friend really liked it a lot and, well, you know how peer pressure works. So not sure yet if it’s staying home with me or not. They also had a Lolo one but it had the contrast panels on the sides in grey which I strongly dislike. I also got my Swiftly T in Lolo purple which I ended up grabbing in a size 10. The Swiftly looked good in an 8 if I’m only using it for running because I don’t get muffin top with my running crops so it’s ok, but I do with my jeans and I plan on wearing the swiftly both casually and as running gear so I wanted the bit of extra tummy room. They also had the Senorita Pink Swiflty T but it had the contrast raglan sleeve and I didn’t like that and they had the River Rock one which looked too close to Angel Blue/Lagoon/Oasis and also had the raglan contrast.  I saw Run: Inspire Crops in River Rock were being put out just as I was leaving even though I was told that everything that was to come out today was already stocked on the shelves….grrrrr. Again, no Run: Inspire Pullover even though I fully expected to see it today and none of the new items I posted about yesterday…unless these items were not yet unpacked.

So what do you ladies think of this print in the Modern V neck? Should I keep it? I like that it’s a neutral but not all black or all grey…

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