Tuesday, September 26, 2023

New Jacket + New Crops and More

by Cristina

Reversible Swell Jacket. This looks like it’s a hoodie on one side and a rain proof jacket on the other side. What a great idea!!!

And more shots of the Inspire Pullover. I love the curve hugging contrast seams on the sides.

New Crops! Run: Cross Train Crops. Love the look of them but it looks like it has mesh at the calf all the way up which is not ideal for me for Fall running.

New Top in that Circle Mesh Silveresence Combination called the Personal Best Singlet. This is better then the last ones that came out in this combination. I like the seaming under the bust and I much prefer this in Lolo than the last colors that where out. I’ll give it a chance but I don’t need it. I’m stocking up on Lolo and Senorita Swiftly’s when they come out because there much softer.
New Skirt. For Fall running. Maybe treadmill running. It’s called the Personal Best Skirt. Does it look longer to you guys? if it is a longer skirt I may consider it for spring/summer running and grab it now, lest they change there minds about offering a longer skirt.

Run Swiftly SS. New Color. Looks like River Rock with Contrasting in Grey. I don’t love the contrasting around the crew neck but the raglan contrast is nice. I like that the whole sleeve isn’t contrast like the last one that was out in Angel Blue.
Modern V neck Long Sleeve. LOVE!!! Want this in a different color though.

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